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With today’s professional, family and active lifestyles it’s easy for certain chores to be placed on the back burner. And, we know how time-consuming home laundry, folding and ironing can be. Added to that, mass-market detergents and hard water can accelerate wear and tear on towels, slacks, shirts, and delicate garments.

With Page Road Dry Cleaners Wash & Dry services – perfect for sheets, towels, and other clothes that don’t need dry cleaning – you save time, get fast turn-around, and enjoy fresh, clean laundry – without the work that goes along with it. Our laundry services use crystal clean water and the finest environmentally-friendly detergents so your clothes are return fluffed, folded and smelling new.

At Page Road Dry Cleaners, we know you have a 24-7 lifestyle. That’s one of the reasons why we give your clothes the same care and attention to detail that you would, if you had the time.

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